Benefits to Members

We are a community of electricians, that care and help provide for our community, future and families. Our members regularly take part in local political activities, fund raisers and volunteer work. Together we attend social events such as picnics, golf tournaments, and a holiday party. We have an annual fund raiser for the Baton Rouge General’s Pediatric Burn Program.

Employment Opportunities
In the IBEW, you have the opportunity to work as part of the best team of electricians in the industry, and work on the most exciting and challenging projects in the region. Our members have access to working for over a hundred union contractors in our jurisdiction and have a choice of what areas they wish to accept to be offered work. Our employers have honest layoffs when the work picture for that company fluctuates up and down. Out-of-work members are referred to future employment through the Local 995 referral system. This means no more answering ads or pounding the pavement when the inevitable construction layoff in an economically driven industry occurs. The referral office does the work for us and the Louisiana State Unemployment recognizes this process as an employment search.

A Contract
A Contract emphasizes equality and fair treatment. One set of rules that apply to everyone eliminating favoritism and discrimination and guaranteeing that no one can be unfairly or arbitrarily disciplined or dismissed.

Our members have adequately established and maintained wages for their labor. Strength in numbers equates to bargaining power to improve wages. These excellent working wages help to achieve a higher standard of living for all in the electrical construction industry. Wages are negotiated for the members by the Local negotiating committee.

Working hours for all members are determined by contract at 8 hours days, 40 hour weeks. Works outside of these hours are always paid at regular wages times one and one-half or double time for holidays.

Working Conditions

Our employers supply power tools and services vehicles and parking reimbursements depending on the work location circumstance defined in our contract. Strength in numbers equates to bargaining power to improve working conditions.

The members of Local 995 enjoy a life of dignity and independents at the age of retirement. Our contractors contribute 100% on two of three plans (local and national). That means they pay it for you above your weekly pay check. The third plan is paid by you through your union dues.

Health & Welfare
Our contractors pay 100% of the contribution rate for every hour you work for full family health insurance on every member working. That means no expense to you to receive insurance coverage on you, your spouse, or your kids.

Electronic Reciprocity Transfer System

One of the benefits of being in the IBEW is the ability to travel the country and work out of any IBEW local where your credentials as an IBEW electrician will automatically qualify you to go to work and where you will be welcomed as a brother or sister. While working away from home, IBEW electricians wherever they work in the U.S. are entitled to reciprocity of their earned benefits. This means their benefits will be transferred to their home local upon request, maintaining their insurance coverage and the continued accrual of pension credits.DSC_0127

Representation brings with it clearly defined contract rights including wages and benefits which allow our members to live in dignity and health through a rewarding career and to look forward to a prosperous retirement. We believe in cultivating feelings of friendship among those in our industry. Our members have representation through a grievance process if problems arise at work. Practices of conciliation and arbitration are utilized in the settlement of any differences with employers.